Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goddess of the Wal Mart

My second in the Goddess of the Trailer Park series....she's prepared for anything; she's got her Oreo cookies, two kinds of diapers and her rifle! What a woman!!! LOL!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seriously Whimsical!

I was doodling around in Illustrator last night, with a picture of my daughter that she sent via FB. This is the original photo, and this is the art I came up with...I just absolutely love it!!!! I'm envisioning a whole line of Trailer Park art.....LOL!!!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Frozen Dead Guy Days Poster

Another poster, this time for a nationally known festival in Colorado, Frozen Dead Guy Days. Keeping my fingers crossed--this would be such a wonderful piece for my portfolio if I am chosen as the 2010 designer!!!! The specs said they were going with a Grateful Dead theme this year, so I returned to my retro 60s roots and designed Grandpa Bredo (aka. the frozen dead guy) as a rainbow hued butterfly with a coffin shaped body. I had so much fun designing this!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Designs for King Lear Poster

Specs: production will be dark, violent and bloody. A creepy tree figures as a central theme, as do themes of birds and eyes.....Which one do you think best gives this feeling?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Coffee Life

My final project for the Digital Photography class I took this summer--had so much fun with it!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Two Months

More of Kathy's Calendar

Kathy's 2010 Calendar

I have designed a 2010 calendar that fits in a cd case for my best friend in the world, Kathy. I used pics of some Ziegield Girls that were posted on the "Collage Images" Flickr site (one of my faves!). I think she will love it--I certainly loved making it for her.

If you flip the lid on a cd cover back, it creates a nice little niche-type stand for a calendar.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Third Comp-traditional slider

This comp is the more traditional slider option. Not as much room for text, but if I alternate pics with text boxes and make the small pics links to larger, lightbox ones, it could be doable...I also want to link to YouTube performances within the text boxes....

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Comps for 4 fave things

Here are two designs for the 4 favorite things site. Comp 1 has a different layout than comp 2, but the open page shows pretty much the same idea of displaying the pictures/text lightbox.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 Fave Things options

1. My four favorite male "eye candy" actors (with 2 honorable mentions)

Four Favorite Eye Candy Actors

George Clooney
Clive Owen
Gerard Butler
Alan Rickman

Hot But Too Young
Robert Pattinsen

In Memorium
Paul Newman

I have pictures of all the actors and will write what makes them so scrumptious in my will have humor and some reflection on their talents as well as what makes them so sexy....

2. My four favorite women Blues singers

Koko Taylor
Big Time Sarah
Shemekia Copeland
Lou Ann Barton

Honorable Mentions: Bonnie Raitt
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women

I have pics of all the artists, and will write my feelings about them and what they have meant to me. I will also link to an Mp3 or youtube of them. I will have anecdotal stories about songs and the singers themselves.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

About the How-To project

Post should touch on what you learned about web design, the process of working in Photoshop and then migrating your design into Dreamweaver.

Any time I can work in PhotoShop I am happy. I don't mind working in Dreamweaver, as long as it is html. CSS is horrible.....

What went well?
I liked my page design and my concept.

What didn't?
We did not have enough time to finish a project like this. I didn't even get pictures taken, much less all the pages done for a decent how to with all the steps.

What would you like to focus on for the rest of the class?
I enjoy the design process, so that part is always fun. Coding, not so much...

Are there aspects of web design that interest you, that we haven't covered yet?
I wish we could've done more html.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gig Posters

This first poster is not done in the 50s style, but the layout, color palette and general feel of it could certainly be applied to the MH Jazz Fest. Designer is Craig Updegrove.

Designer, Little Jacket, created a stunner with a totally 50s palette. If the owl was exchanged for say, an instrument or a singing figure--it would completely fit with our specs. The text is not 50s style either, but even the grunge effects don't detract from the feel of this poster--could completely be a jazz thing. Don't you just love the way the owls eyes are a woofer, feathers guitar strings and it's head an album? Very creative!

Blues and Roots music are certainly relatives of Jazz......this poster could,as is, could be a MH Jazzfest poster. Color palette and style is definitely 50s, although I would use a completely different font for the green text--this font seems to melt together, like they have a stroke there--it needs a different, crisper feel.


This poster has a palette very similar to Alissa's gorgeous logo--the colors are a bit more subdued,but definitely in the same family. If the pheasant was replaced with one of our designs more in keeping with the jazz theme, the layout is great. I do HATE the font he used though...something (anything) else would be much better for our purposes.....Gary Houston is the designer.

This poster could certainly be tweaked to have a more jazzy feel,but it already has a "cool jazz" look to it, due to the stunning understated color palette and the organic shapes give it a gentle, swaying movement, much like a smooth jazz song. It is a bit hard to read the text, so I would bump it up a bit,but is lovely....Designer, Chris Williams.

Designer, Print Mafia, has invited you to a 50s pool party!!! We'll play 45 records and slow dance while our parents are in the Rec room drinking Martini's and listening to Sinatra....enough said.....

What do Roosters have to do with Jazz music,you ask? Absolutely nothing ....but, damn! That text! That color palette (so freakin' simple and so freakin' stunning)!!! If you turned the rooster into a bass or a guitar, pulled it off to the right and partly off the page, and used that text in the large shape--wholy moly!!!!!! I love this.....Designer, Scrojo......

This one is a great example of how our small logo design could be utilized and showcased in a tall skinny poster. You could put any of our logos in the center where the moon is, use a decorative border and some color and have a great little poster. Changing the color palette would be required to make it a more jazzy and less folksy/country style. I know we are not always a fan of centering in layouts, but I thought this was a great example of how it can still be relevant and interesting, even if it is symmetrical...LOL!!!! Designer, Jeff Miller.

Okay, get past the red checkerd tablecloth and the ant....but, a huge guitar pick? That font? Pahleese....totally 50s! Maybe a night sky behind the pick, with the stars taking the shape of either music notes or some 50s shapes and it could be one of MH Jazz Fest posters......Designer, Harold Behar.

I love the use of one color in this poster. The organic shapes of the tree and the horses heads could just as easily be a sax player, a singer with a mic, or a piano player......not 50s, but very pretty.....Designer, Traci Edwards.


Finally, I just wanted to share a couple of posters I found that the class might find a little familiar....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

page layouts

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"How To" Project Structure

I plan on using still photographs to illustrate the process of designing and creating these craft items. I am also planning on providing links to places to purchase supplies, both in person and online.

Making Paper Angels and Nuns

Collecting Your Materials

First, have a glue stick, some PVA, Diamond Glaze, scissors, a craft knife and a cutting mat on hand. Download the patterns here. [make the word "here" a link]

Choosing the right base material
Talking about uses of new material and recycled material for the base. Base must be structured and not flimsy. You can buy expensive cardstock or inexpensive chipboard at the craft store. You can also create green by using materials such as cereal boxes, shirt boards and other scrap materials.

[show pics of different bases]

Dressing your Angel

Craft paper is big business. Places like Michaels, JoAnnes, The Paper Zone and other craft stores carry lines of what is called Scrapbooking paper, but is really beautifully designed paper of different weights that can be used for many different crafts. You can also create green and use whimsical choices like junk mail, monopoly money, old music sheets and vintage book pages.

[show many different decorative papers]


Old Buttons, old keys, found objects, ribbon, lace, scraps of fabric and much more can be used to embellish your angel.You don't need to spend a lot of money to dress your angels--you can even use beautiful leaves that you find on a nature walk, or dried flowers from your garden. You can also spend a fortune on costly and beautiful embellishments from the craft store, or pick up bargain embellishments at SCRAP or the local Dollar Store.

[show pics of different embellishments, from free to spendy, new to green]


Making nuns is fairly quick because you stay within a two color scheme--black and white. You can use yellowed book pages to pass for white--I've even used old dress patterns--but you don't need to spend a lot of time picking out coordinating colors. Newspaper makes some cool looking Nuns--especially if you pay attention to the density and or size of the type. In this way, you use the type to create the illusion of dark or light.

[show pics of finished Nuns]

Choosing your pattern and face.

Decide whether making an angel or a nun fits your materials and collect a mass of coordinated papers. Select a face--you can use a favorite picture of yourself, a friend or family member, or a beloved pet. I've used vintage animal pictures too. The thing to remember is to choose an image that looks straight into the camera. The Nun pattern is particularly needful of this.

[Show pics of different faces, animals and people]

Cut your pattern out of your base material by placing your pattern on top of your cardboard (or chip board) and using your craft knife.

[show cutting out pattern]

For an angel, choose a paper for your main dress. You will choose coordinating papers for overskirts, arms, halo, etc.

Adhere the base to the backside of the decorative paper. Smooth out any wrinkles and let dry. Cut around base pattern.

[show finished base]

Choose a coordinating paper for the over skirt, wings, halo, and arms. Using the same method for glueing paper to base, continue with each of these elements.

{show pics of doing this]

Using PVA, glue these base items together, beginning with the overskirt to the front of the base. The arms on top of the overskirt. The wings to the back of the base. The face gets glued on the head of your angel, and finally, the halo glues to the back of the head.

[show pics of each of these steps]

Using your embellishments, begin to decorate your angel. She can hold something, she can be hung by ribbon, she can have a decorative edge of fabric, lace or paper. Use your imagination.

[show different finished angels]

For a Nun, choose your white and black papers--you can use several different ones. Cut out your base Nun dress from your base material. Put that base on the wrong side of your paper and glue it down. Use the same method for the wimple, the headdress, etc, using either black or white paper. The front apron goes onto the front of the base dress, before the arms/sleeves. The wimple gets glued on top of the sleeves. The face gets glued on top of the wimple. The head band is glued to the top of the face. The head pieces are glued together, white to the top of the black, and then they get glued to the back of the head.

[show pics of all the steps]

Nuns don't normally have too much in the way of embellishments, but you could certainly glue a mini rosary or a cross to the front where the sleeves meet. I usually make my nuns with themes, and try to give them imaginative names, but it's not required. :-)

These are fun and relatively inexpensive paper dolls to create for Christmas ornaments, gift tags or just to hang around your house!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

How To: Paper Angels

I'd like to do a "How To" webpage on a craft I make; Paper Angels. I also make Nuns. They can be made with pictures of people or pets, vintage images or current family members. These are some examples.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Websites; Well designed and not so much...

The first website I dearly love is the home site of my favorite digital artist, Maggie Taylor.

Although this is a flash site and can load somewhat slowly on an older machine like the one I have at home, it is visually stunning and created to showcase her amazing artwork. It is interactive to a certain extent, but the flash elements are separated so not every work of art has movement. This leads the viewer throughout the site by way of their curiosity to see what is next. The navigation is easy to decipher and it is a lovely and well designed site.

The second site I love is where the art of Eduardo Recife, a brilliant Brazilian artist lives.

He's got a unique and very grunge style that I love and his site is well designed for the person interested in his artwork. His commercial site is at

Although his commercial site is not poorly designed, and does show some of his prestigious client list, I don't care for the color scheme as much as his personal site, which is very simple and showcases his art better.

I found another site that I thought had a very cool design. It's for designer Michel Rijk.

His design utilizes a silhouette of himself in motion, and has clickable areas around his body. When you click on his briefcase, the silhouette walks toward the viewer and opens up his briefcase, which then showcases his work. Although I am not a fan of the horizontal scroll, it is a clever idea for a portfolio.

Another great site is Goblin Creative.

Super cool/hip iphone design interface with some really nice movement and it's easy to navigate--even though its in another language! I really enjoyed it and I'd hire them to do work for me if I was in the market for a great multi-media design company.

Not so much......

First one,

As previously stated, I am not a fan of the horizontal scroll. That's all this page is--one, big, long, horizontal scroll. I would much rather navigate a page that takes you to other pages than try to search through this mess. On the plus side, they have a nice little form at the beginning....

Second one, Ricard Howdy Design Services.

I'm not sure what this was created with. It's not supposed to be a Flash site, but it really slowed down my elderly Mac. Some of the design is clever (the images hanging from pins), but the way it is put together just didn't do it for me and the slowness really turned me off.

Third is Kodis Design.

There are nice elements here (the page he designed for Rock Concerts is nice) but I got really frustrated because there were no scrolling bars and whole bottom sections were obscured. It's one of my pet peeves because I don't have money for a spiffy new computer, and it really irks me when designers just "assume" that everyone out there has a huge screen and design accordingly. That really puts me off of the whole design.