Sunday, May 31, 2009

Comps for 4 fave things

Here are two designs for the 4 favorite things site. Comp 1 has a different layout than comp 2, but the open page shows pretty much the same idea of displaying the pictures/text lightbox.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 Fave Things options

1. My four favorite male "eye candy" actors (with 2 honorable mentions)

Four Favorite Eye Candy Actors

George Clooney
Clive Owen
Gerard Butler
Alan Rickman

Hot But Too Young
Robert Pattinsen

In Memorium
Paul Newman

I have pictures of all the actors and will write what makes them so scrumptious in my will have humor and some reflection on their talents as well as what makes them so sexy....

2. My four favorite women Blues singers

Koko Taylor
Big Time Sarah
Shemekia Copeland
Lou Ann Barton

Honorable Mentions: Bonnie Raitt
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women

I have pics of all the artists, and will write my feelings about them and what they have meant to me. I will also link to an Mp3 or youtube of them. I will have anecdotal stories about songs and the singers themselves.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

About the How-To project

Post should touch on what you learned about web design, the process of working in Photoshop and then migrating your design into Dreamweaver.

Any time I can work in PhotoShop I am happy. I don't mind working in Dreamweaver, as long as it is html. CSS is horrible.....

What went well?
I liked my page design and my concept.

What didn't?
We did not have enough time to finish a project like this. I didn't even get pictures taken, much less all the pages done for a decent how to with all the steps.

What would you like to focus on for the rest of the class?
I enjoy the design process, so that part is always fun. Coding, not so much...

Are there aspects of web design that interest you, that we haven't covered yet?
I wish we could've done more html.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gig Posters

This first poster is not done in the 50s style, but the layout, color palette and general feel of it could certainly be applied to the MH Jazz Fest. Designer is Craig Updegrove.

Designer, Little Jacket, created a stunner with a totally 50s palette. If the owl was exchanged for say, an instrument or a singing figure--it would completely fit with our specs. The text is not 50s style either, but even the grunge effects don't detract from the feel of this poster--could completely be a jazz thing. Don't you just love the way the owls eyes are a woofer, feathers guitar strings and it's head an album? Very creative!

Blues and Roots music are certainly relatives of Jazz......this poster could,as is, could be a MH Jazzfest poster. Color palette and style is definitely 50s, although I would use a completely different font for the green text--this font seems to melt together, like they have a stroke there--it needs a different, crisper feel.


This poster has a palette very similar to Alissa's gorgeous logo--the colors are a bit more subdued,but definitely in the same family. If the pheasant was replaced with one of our designs more in keeping with the jazz theme, the layout is great. I do HATE the font he used though...something (anything) else would be much better for our purposes.....Gary Houston is the designer.

This poster could certainly be tweaked to have a more jazzy feel,but it already has a "cool jazz" look to it, due to the stunning understated color palette and the organic shapes give it a gentle, swaying movement, much like a smooth jazz song. It is a bit hard to read the text, so I would bump it up a bit,but is lovely....Designer, Chris Williams.

Designer, Print Mafia, has invited you to a 50s pool party!!! We'll play 45 records and slow dance while our parents are in the Rec room drinking Martini's and listening to Sinatra....enough said.....

What do Roosters have to do with Jazz music,you ask? Absolutely nothing ....but, damn! That text! That color palette (so freakin' simple and so freakin' stunning)!!! If you turned the rooster into a bass or a guitar, pulled it off to the right and partly off the page, and used that text in the large shape--wholy moly!!!!!! I love this.....Designer, Scrojo......

This one is a great example of how our small logo design could be utilized and showcased in a tall skinny poster. You could put any of our logos in the center where the moon is, use a decorative border and some color and have a great little poster. Changing the color palette would be required to make it a more jazzy and less folksy/country style. I know we are not always a fan of centering in layouts, but I thought this was a great example of how it can still be relevant and interesting, even if it is symmetrical...LOL!!!! Designer, Jeff Miller.

Okay, get past the red checkerd tablecloth and the ant....but, a huge guitar pick? That font? Pahleese....totally 50s! Maybe a night sky behind the pick, with the stars taking the shape of either music notes or some 50s shapes and it could be one of MH Jazz Fest posters......Designer, Harold Behar.

I love the use of one color in this poster. The organic shapes of the tree and the horses heads could just as easily be a sax player, a singer with a mic, or a piano player......not 50s, but very pretty.....Designer, Traci Edwards.


Finally, I just wanted to share a couple of posters I found that the class might find a little familiar....