Tuesday, May 26, 2009

About the How-To project

Post should touch on what you learned about web design, the process of working in Photoshop and then migrating your design into Dreamweaver.

Any time I can work in PhotoShop I am happy. I don't mind working in Dreamweaver, as long as it is html. CSS is horrible.....

What went well?
I liked my page design and my concept.

What didn't?
We did not have enough time to finish a project like this. I didn't even get pictures taken, much less all the pages done for a decent how to with all the steps.

What would you like to focus on for the rest of the class?
I enjoy the design process, so that part is always fun. Coding, not so much...

Are there aspects of web design that interest you, that we haven't covered yet?
I wish we could've done more html.

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